College Preparation International offers students professional assistance in gaining admission to North American colleges and universities. Taught by professional, experienced educators, College Preparation International assists students as they proceed through the complex admission and testing procedures.


About Us

College Preparation International was established in 1991 to assist students who were planning on going to universities or colleges but did not have the academic background. It grew further out of the realisation that many Canadian students wanted to take admissions exams to American colleges and universities but were ill prepared to take the exams because they did not have the necessary knowledge of structure, format and content of the exams. Over time we have grown and established ourselves as a reliable, flexible company that takes a personal interest and pride in the success of each student. All of the instructors are experienced teachers (Ontario Teaching Certificate, Bachelors Degree, or T.E.S.L.) in the areas of Math, English, Science, Special Education or English as a Second Language.