How do I go about getting recruited as an athlete? Unless you are one of the best athletes in the country or one of the top players in your sport, it is up to you to be proactive in seeking out schools and coaches rather than waiting for them to contact you. Most athletic programs welcome emails or phone calls from potentials athletes. It is up to you to do research on which athletic programs you are interested in and to contact the coaches from the programs, whose contact information can be found on college websites. For Division I, the qualification requirements are:
  • Graduate from High School
  • Complete a core curriculum of at least 13 courses (including those in English, Math, Social Sciences and Physical Sciences).
  • Have a GPA and SAT combination score that meets the minimum requirements of the following scale:
GPA=Grade Point Average, SAT Score includes math and verbal only
  • GPA=3.5, SAT Score must be higher then 420.
  • GPA=3.3, SAT Score must be higher then 500.
  • GPA=3.0, SAT Score must be higher then 620.
  • GPA=2.7, SAT Score must be higher then 730.
  • GPA=2.5, SAT Score must be higher then 820.
  • GPA=2.3, SAT Score must be higher then 900.
  • GPA=2.0, SAT Score must be higher then 1010.

    What is an early decision? Early decision is a common early admission policy used in US college admissions. It is used to indicate to the University or College that the candidate considers that institution to be his or her top choice. Candidates applying early decision typically submit their applications by the end of October of their grade 12 year and receive a decision in mid-December. In contrast, students applying regular decision typically must submit their applications by January 1 and receive their admissions decision by April 1. The major benefit of early decision is that it increases--sometimes significantly--your chances of being admitted.

    What is an official visit?
An Official Visit is paid for by the school. The following rules apply for campus visits:
    • You can only visit each school once and are only allowed a maximum of 5 official school visits.
    • You cannot make an official visit until first submitting your high school transcripts and SAT or PSAT scores to the college.
    • You cannot stay on campus for more than 48 hours.
    • design personal study schedules and time management techniques
    • Expenses may be paid for by the school. However, there are some restrictions that do apply. Please visit NCAA website for recruiting rules.